Silent Walls 密宅

Episodic Information


For decades, families have come and gone in a particularly strange house. But with every new family that moves in, someone doesn’t make it out alive. Following the ghastly discovery of bodies, the secrets that the house has kept over the years are finally exposed.

1938, a mahjie from Shunde province arrives in Singapore to work for an affluent Burmese-Chinese family but unexpectedly falls in love while discovering secrets of each family member.

1963, a westernized Chinese girl marries into a superstitious Peranakan family together with her servant and soon finds herself drawn into a life of dreadful beliefs.

1988, a capable granddaughter inherits the family business and discovers a target on her back while uncovering her grandfather’s death.

2023, a mystery author moves into the house with her tech CEO husband and soon discovers hidden scars and traumas of each other.

Love can empower and enslave. When confronted, which way will you take, and how far will you go?

Awards and Accolades: 

ContentAsia Awards 2023 -

Best Asian Feature Film/Telemovie - 2023 Telemovie (Silver)

Best Asian Feature Film/Telemovie - 1938 Telemovie (Bronze)

2023 Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners –

Best Promo or Trailer

Best Single Drama/Telemovie/Anthology Episode

Asian Television Awards 2023 -

Best Single Drama or Telemovie

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2024 -

Promotion/Open & ID – Entertainment Program Open & TItles (Silver)

Cast: Tasha Low, Ayden Sng, Tay Ying, Charlie Goh, Lina Ng, Darren Lim, Mindee Ong, Fang Rong, Ferlyn G Wong, Shane Pow, Tracer Wong, Constance Song, Johnny Ng, Marc Valentine, Meixin, Alfred Sng, Shen Jing Xin, Desmond Ng, Regina Lim, Bernard Tan, Jojo Goh, Andie Chen, Chen Shu Cheng, Cheryl Chou, Hong Zhao Rong, Eelyn Kok


Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Production year: 2023