Stranger in the Dark 熟悉的陌生人

Stranger in the Dark 熟悉的陌生人


Shangxue, a shy psychology major with a passion for mystery-solving, makes new friends and gains confidence after moving into a small apartment. She transforms with the help of fashion advice from Cheryl. But as she searches for Cheryl, who seems to have disappeared, Shangxue discovers a deepfake video call and suspects someone might be impersonating Cheryl. She fears that the murderer might be closer than she thinks, and a mysterious encounter with Junzhe adds to the intrigue. The mystery deepens, and Shangxue is left wondering who the murderer might be.

Casts: Seow Sin Nee, Hank Wang, Yunis To, Yang Yan, Benjamin Tan, Kiki Lim, Cavin Soh


Episodes: 10 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023