Strike Gold 黄金巨塔

Episodic Information


The winner of a heartland competition, "Ah Ma's Pineapple Tarts", gets into a lawsuit and is accused of infringement by a consortium. Six months ago, a group of residents staying in the same block of public rental flats as Grandma Dudu, had their eyes on her pineapple tart recipe for personal gains and motives. As the residents struggled to resolve their problems, they also found love and gratitude in the process..

Cast: Desmond Tan, He Ying Ying, Yao Wen Long, Yvonne Lim, , Kiki Lim, Edwin Goh, Jin Yin Ji, Ayden Sng, Hong Hui Fang, Tyler Ten, Jeffrey Xu


Episodes: 20 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023