To Be Loved 非爱不可


Ying Jun is born deaf and suffered the tragic loss of his father in an accident while his mother abandoned him from young. His grandmother took care of him, working as a waitress selling beer to raise him. He works in a restaurant with the Chef promising to mentor him, until he falls in love with the Chef’s daughter, and now faces his wrath.


Yao Fei rises to the hopes and dreams of his parents, becoming a successful medical specialist with a loving girlfriend, Zi Yang. But behind the façade is a man suffering from depression, and his condition takes a turn for the worse after Zi Yang leaves him when she is unable to handle his breakdowns.


Facing the discrimination of a society that focuses on success and perfection and amid the mounting challenges, for the sake of true love, will they persevere and courageously pursue it?


Cast: Liu Ling Ling, Ayden Sng, Gavin Teo, Sheryl Ang, Kiki Lim, Irene Ang, Guo Liang, JJ Neo, Daryl-Ann, Peter Yu


Episodes: 20 x 60 mins


Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2024