Seven Days

Globetrotting architect, Tim (Seth Ang), and savvy corporate communications manager, May (Felicia Chin), have only 1 week left to their wedding – and the rest of their lives together. But in these last crucial seven days leading to their wedding, they learn more about each other than they ever did during the last 12 years of their relationship. Will this knowledge tear them apart – or will it bond them tighter together than before? The photographer for the wedding, Frank (Nicholas Bloodworth) carries a torch for the maid-of-honour Helen (Jaymee Ong), except she’s older and more successful than Frank is. Can Helen, a high-flying chief financial officer, find love in a young aspiring photographer? May’s parents, Richard (Silverster Loo) and Sally (Anne Law), have their own issues to deal with when Richard’s old flame, Anita (Julia Nickson), returns and threatens to destroy their 35-year marriage. Steadfast love or a passionate fling – which will Richard choose? As the wedding looms, these three couples discover untold feelings for each other that will highlight the themes of love and commitment, with a sexy spin.

Cast: Felicia Chin, Seth Ang

Episodes: 1 x 90 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2010