The Promise 向日葵的约定

Episodic Information

Born with mild intellectual disability (MID) , slow in learning and often gullible , 19-year-old Shan Shan is an innocent and friendly girl. Like any teenager, Shan Shan is going through a coming of age, yearning for a special someone.

Tan Mei Juan , Shan's mother, is a single-parent mother who has raised her daughter single handedly. Extremely protective of Shan , Mei Juan devises a “sunflower pact”. If Shan ever falls in love and the boy she loves can fulfill the conditions as laid down in the “sunflower pact”, Mei Juan will give her blessings.

In a chance encounter, Shan falls in love with 19-year-old Wen Yuan who happened to be a slacker in his studies and life. Shan's innocence and attitude to life changed Wen Yuan. However will Wen Yuan accept a MID girl as his girlfriend? Is he the one to fulfill the “sunflower's pact”?

Cast: Julie Tan, Lawrence Wong, Lin Mei Jiao, Zhang Wen Xiang

Episode: 1 x 80 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2009