Away With My BFF 老友出走记

Episodic Information

Traveling, as many people would agree, is the truest test of friendship. Being friends with someone is one thing, but traveling with them? An entirely different story. Traveling with someone really boils your friendship down to the bare bones of how similar you really are: in life, in ideals, in culture, and how tolerant you can be. So if we have Celebrity BFFs going on a trip together, the travelogue becomes more interesting!

In this travelogue, our host - Chen Han Wei - will go on free and easy tours with his Celebrity BFFs. It will be a different BFF for each country and the list will come from him. Through their travels, you will not only get to know the places that Han Wei personally planned for – aka Celebrity’s choice - but you will also get to see how Celebrity BFFs behave under different scenario, their travel preferences and their relationship in a foreign land.


Host: Chen Han Wei, Zoe Tay, Desmond Tan, Huang Bi Ren, Dennis Chew, Sheila Sim

Episode: 18 x 15 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018