Luxe Asia 奢华亚洲

Episodic Information

Luxe Asia is a six-part infotainment series on the pursuit of luxury – whether a rarefied experience or one of life’s finest accessories. The new season features some of Asia’s costliest destinations, i.e. Shanghai, Hainan Island, Japan, Maldives and Singapore, creating some of the most exciting luxury itineraries the show has ever seen. The show seeks out private islands for vacation spots and showcases the region’s finest concierge travel and services, most refined restaurants, top events and tasteful bespoke makers. Focusing on heritage and local culture, luxury living trends of each city, and exclusive interviews with influencers, Luxe Asia is on the ultimate quest for only the exquisite which matches the highest level of sophistication.

Episode: 10 x 30 minutes          

Hosts: Yvonne Chan, Mike Lewis, Rosalyn Lee

Languages: English

Production year: 2018