Super Daddy in School 星爸小学堂

Episodic Information

Super Daddy in School features three Singapore Celebrity fathers, Darren Lim, Jeff Wang and Hong Jun Yang transforming themselves into teachers in kindergartens and primary schools. Each of them will be sent to different schools across different cities, where they are unfamiliar with the environment, culture and foreign language.

These celebrity fathers must quickly earn the trust of both the children and teachers in each school, while performing the tasks set out by the principal. He will also need to complete an ultimate task under a few hours and be judged by none other than the children themselves! Winning the most “stars” from the children will earn him a reward, otherwise punishment awaits!

As these three celebrity fathers compete to win the little hearts across Asia, viewers will get more than just a glimpse into the different school education systems, cultures and environments beyond Singapore.

Hosts: Darren Lim, Jeff Wang and Hong Jun Yang

Episodes: 10 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020