The Great Escapade

Episodic Information


It’s not YOLO. Neither is it FOMO. 

The new type of travel – global experiential adventures that relieves a burn-out in life. A holiday that is equal part exploration of the world and equal part re-discovery of oneself.  

Join Chef Anthony Yeoh as he embarks on an adventure not at tourist hotspots but real life destinations that shake him out of his comfort zone. 

In Sri Lanka, he learns how to ride the waves and care for elephants in a sanctuary. Deep in the Royal Belum Rainforest in Perak, the Jehai Tribe imparts blowpipe wisdoms. Inspired by the lessons gleaned on his adventures, he returns to Singapore and sets himself up for what might be his biggest challenge yet – a half marathon.


Episodes: 4 x 30 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021