A Song To Remember 星洲之夜

Fleeing from the uncertainties of Shanghai in the 1940s, cabaret troupes throng the shores of Singapore looking for a new performing haven. Poor musician Mo Li Guang (Qi Yu Wu) and singer Yu Hong (Joanne Peh) meet on the ship sailing to Singapore, Li Guang falls in love with Yu Hong but the latter has bigger aspirations in life. Both arrive on the eve of the outbreak of war in Singapore, amid the fighting in the city, another form of ‘fight’ is taking place at the New World Nightclub. Song Qiao Er (Eelyn Kok) is the lead singer at the nightclub, but the arrival of Yu Hong threatens her position. When Qiao Er is ousted from her position, she starts to train a young orphan girl Jiu Mei (Julie Tan) to rival Yu Hong. Jiu Mei becomes an overnight sensation, Yu Hong begins to plot against her in order to retain her status in the nightclub. Jiu Mei falls in love with Li Guang but the latter’s heart is still with Yu Hong. Will Jiu Mei fall victim to Yu Hong’s plot? What will be the outcome of the love triangle between Li Guang, Yu Hong and Jiu Mei? Behind the glittering world of the cabaret scenes in Singapore, the story traces the trial and tribulations of the people living during this colourful bygone era.

Cast: Qi Yu Wu, Joanne Peh, Julie Tan, Eelyn Kok, Chen Han Wei, Desmond Tan

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011