My Sensei Nyonya 娘惹相思格

Episodic Information

Luo Dong Cheng (Jordan Wen) was an outstanding physician helming the successful Shun Tian Tang, a medical hall owned by his traditional Peranakan family for decades. After he was mysteriously robbed and killed, a series of unfortunate events befell the family. Luo Huan Xin (Jojo Goh) believes her father’s business partner, Zheng Xin Nan (Jiang Jia Rong), is the mastermind. Under a new alias of Lin Ya Lei, she infiltrates Xin Nan’s medical hall, sowing discord within the family and sabotages their business.

 Ya Lei meets her childhood friend, Meng Jiang Hong (Rynn Lim), who tries to steer her away from the path of destruction. He succeeded and Ya Lei turns her focus towards helping the sick with her medical skills, earning herself the title of Sensei Nyonya. But Xin Nan’s power-hungry mother Huang Feng Huang (Angeline Tan) plots to gain control of the family business, and plans to do away with Ya Lei. Will Ya Lei escape her evil clutches? Will she find out who is the real murderer of her father?

Cast:  Jiang Jia Rong, Federick Lee, Jojo Goh, Rynn Lim, Lynn Lin, Emily Lim, Angeline Tan, Jordon Wen,

Episode: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017