The Journey: Our Homeland 信约:我们的家园

The story will stretch across 20 years, depicting the journey of Singapore from post-independence to the prosperous 80s. Zhang Jia (Shaun Chen) and Ming Hui (Jeanette Aw) are now a married couple. They are expecting the arrival of their first child but Ming Hui dies during labour, leaving Zhang Jia devastated and helpless. On the account of her friendship with Ming Hui, Yang Mei Xue (Rui En) renders a helping hand to Zhang Jia and his son. After many trials and tribulations, both Mei Xue and Zhang Jia fall in love. But Mei Xue’s lover Yan Yi Sheng (Zhang Zhen Huan), whom she believes is dead, returns alive, leaving her to make a difficult choice.

Hong Dang Yong (Andie Chen) becomes a lawyer and sets up his own law firm. Zhang Yan (Romeo Tan) escapes from prison and kills Dang Yong out of rage and jealousy. Zhang Min (Felicia Chin) is shattered by her husband’s death, but eventually gets back up on her feet with the help of a ruffian, Dai Xiao Xiong (Darren Lim). With his help, Zhang Min opens a shop selling Peranakan cakes. Zhang Min dotes on Hong Rui (Jeffrey Xu) who is her son with Dang Yong. On the other hand, she is cold towards Hong Hong Kuan (Romeo Tan) who is conceived after being raped by Zhang Yan. In addition, she adopts two children from the Wan Family.

Singapore undergoes economic restructuring during the 70s, the Hong and Wan children have all grown up and all of them yearn for a better life. Life diverged into different paths for these spirited youths. How will they move on to strive and work towards building a blissful homeland?

Cast: Shaun Chen, Felicia ChinRui En, Rebecca Lim, Andie Chen, Romeo TanZhang Zhen Huan , Jeanette Aw

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015