The Journey: The Tumultuous Times 信约:动荡的年代

The Journey: Tumultuous Times deftly captures Singapore's historical period starting from 1941 right up to 1965. The aerial bombing of Singapore by Japanese aircraft whirls the once peaceful island into chaos. Tianpeng (Li Nan Xing) and Tianying (Allen Chen) step forward to challenge the invaders but their anti-Japanese activities soon aggravate the Japanese army and while Tianpeng manages to escape to Indonesia, Tianying is brutally slaughtered.

The intensity of the story snowballs as Tianying's children Zhang Min (Felicia Chin) and Zhang Jia (Shaun Chen) lose each other while they flee from danger. Zhang Min is fortunate to cross paths with Hong Dangyong (Andie Chen) and Hong Minghui (Jeanette Aw) who stand by her during her most difficult days. With a twist of fate Zhang Jia is saved by Hu Weiren (Chen Han Wei) and grows up as the son of a man who played a part in his father's death. Zhang Jia's name is changed to Hu Jia and he soon becomes a notorious underworld figure.

Tianpeng's son Zhang Yan (Romeo Tan) returns from his studies in England and joins the Legal Department as Prosecutor—a sharp contrast from Hu Jia who reigns the underworld. While their fathers had once worked hand in hand, their sons enter into unbending conflict, creating a fiercely tense outline for the show. The Journey: Tumultuous Times presents significant historical events in Singapore and displays the patriotism and devotion of the nation's pioneers, showcasing the difficult journeys they embarked to transform the island.

Cast: Li Nan XingChen Han Wei, Shaun Chen, Jeanette Aw, Felicia Chin, Andie Chen, Romeo Tan, Carrie Wong

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014