The Quarters 猪仔馆人家

An olden phrase sheds light on kinship - blood is thicker than water. Can the bonds of family and common ancestry truly withstand the test of time? Zhu Zai House is an old building owned and left behind by Bai Du Chang. During the Japanese Occupation, it was set on fire, rumoured to be an act by Du Chang out of hatred for a particular tenant. Years later, his first grandson, Jin Feng (Chen Gui Chuan), unhappy with his eccentric grandfather and biased towards his brothers, plots to take control of Zhu Zai House. Will he succeed? His second grandson, Jin Chuan (Yao Wen Long), was born a lunatic and third grandson, Jin Hai (Dai Xiang Yu), though wise and helpful, gets caught in a complicated love triangle and eventually becomes an opium addict. Are these retributions caused by Du Chang’s sins? What will be the fate of the three brothers and Zhu Zai House?

Cast: Dai Xiang Yu, Josh Lai, Zen Chong, Moo Yan Yee, Zhou Ying, Yao Wen Long, Constance Song, Ling Xiao, Tiffany Leong, Chen Gui Chuan

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012