Together 当我们同在一起

The story begins in 1967 where Singapore has just gained independence, in the downtown area along a bustling street, 6 families cramped into 3 houses. It is also here where 6 aspiring youths dreamed about their future…Xiao Bei, the only son of a tailor, is a trouble-maker in the neighbourhood, he does not want to confine himself to the tailor shop and daydreams about striking it rich one day. Xiao Bei’s childhood sweetheart, Jian Hong, drops out of school at a young age and peddles medicated oil in the streets with her father. A more down-to-earth person, her only hope is for Xiao Bei to inherit his father’s trade. Zhi Hao is a fickle-minded young man, although he is often in loggerheads with Xiao Bei, they always stick by each other through thick and thin. Zhi Hao’s sister, Jin Hao, is both vivacious and naïve, despite her unrequited love for Xiao Bei, she remains a loyal friend. On the other hand, Jian Hong’s twin brother, the timid Wu Ji is secretly in love with Jin Hao. Hui Min is the only one among them who is highly educated, though she is physically weak, her perseverance paid off and she eventually becomes a lawyer. Through 30 years of changes, from the hardships of starting out in the 60s, the oil crisis in the 70s, to the stock-market crash in the 80s, Singapore have weathered the storm, and so has these friends through 2 generations of joy and sorrow.

Cast: Jeanette Aw, Dai Xiang Yu, Elvin Ng, Eelyn Kok, Zheng Ge Ping, Aileen Tan, Hong Hui Fang, Zhang Zhen Huan, Zhou Ying

Episodes: 36 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2009