Dream Walkers 梦行者

Episodic Information

Di Lun (Xu Bin) and a group of friends go into the forest to investigate an unusual occurrence, a young woman had gone missing a few days before. Di Lun sees a shadow in the forest and chases it, before too long, he witnesses a flash of bright light and the figure vanishes into thin air.

 Without any concrete explanation, Di Lun concludes it is the doing of extra-terrestrial beings, much to the chagrin of his childhood friend, Lin Xiao Qing (He Ying Ying).  When they finally find the missing girl Tang Ning (Angel), she shares much similarity to Xiao Qing’s missing sister, who was never found since she’d gone missing at 9 years of age. Through their investigation, Di Lun and Xiao Qing find many similar missing cases, where the victims suffer from sleepwalking. Is it really a case of alien abduction or is the mind playing tricks due to sleep deprivation?  

Cast: Xu Bin, He Ying Ying, Angel, Xiang Yun, Joel Choo

Episode: 8 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018