Love At Cavenagh Bridge 加文纳桥的约定

Episodic Information

A beautiful old suspension bridge witnesses countless romance taking place through the years as it stands against the test of time. Connected by ten different love stories, ten pairs of couples crossed path on Cavenagh Bridge. They braved through life and death, separation and reunification, as well as tears and laughter.  Each short story will be unforgettable and soul-stirring in their own ways.

Episode: 10 x 15 mins

Cast: Desmond Tan, Carrie Wong, Paige Chua, Jeremy Chan, Pierre Png, Mei Xin, Felicia Chin, Jeffrey Xu, Aloysius Pang, Kimberly Chia, Kimberly Wang, Shane PowHong Ling, Nick Teo, Andie Chen, kate Pang, Xiang Yun, Chen Shu Cheng, Hong Jun Yang, Candyce Toh. 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018