Magic Chef 料理人生

36-year-old David Foo (Tender Huang) was celebrated for his culinary prowess, yet much disliked for his arrogant and prickly personality.

However, an accident toppled him from the pedestal - and left him deeply damaged. David lost the senses most crucial to a chef – his sense of smell and taste.Withdrawing from the limelight to hide his condition, David became a low key private chef instead.

A chance encounter with Lin Xiao Xi (Stella Seah) results in the most unlikely private chef partnership. Xiao Xi has a “golden palate”, an ability to taste the most complex flavours in any dish, and this proves very useful in complementing David’s impaired senses.

Gradually, David transforms from a chef with the belief that food should be cooked in the way the master chef deems best – to cooking food according to the desires of the clients he is serving.Together, they discover the ability of food to heal and help, to remind estranged families of the love that still runs deep, and to reconcile regrets.

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins 

Cast: Tender Huang, Stella Seah, Wang Wei Liang, Jeffrey Xu, Ya Hui 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018