The Distance Between 下个路口遇见你

Episodic Information


Amos (Richie Koh) is a rich kid used to spending money and creating trouble for his parents. He was expelled from school for his bad behavior. He even lost his house to a man named Warren (Shane Pow), a poor student who has to bask on the streets for extra money.

Forced to move into a caravan with no financial aid from his father, he turned to his mother, who tasked him with obtaining 12 items from different locations around Australia. Upon completing the task, he will get the money he badly needs. He found a friend in CoCo (Chantalle Ng), who is willing to go with him on his quest.

Unknown to Amos, CoCo isn’t as simple as she seems, and neither is Warren, who followed them on their journey. The odd trio starts an unusual relationship as they travel along. But what exactly are Warren and CoCo’s intentions and why are they following Amos on his quest? Who will CoCo eventually choose amongst the two?

Cast: Richie Koh, Chantalle Ng, Shane Pow

Episode: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018