True Lies 大话精

Episodic Information

Zhao Yi Gang (Equus Ma)  led a tragic life while growing up and depended on his wits and lies to survive all these years. After a near death experience, he realizes that he has the ability to transform his lies into reality. But nothing in this world comes for free, when his lies manifests into reality, there is always a price to pay. And the bigger the lie, the heavier the price he has to pay. His lying almost cost his life and he vows never to lie again, until he meets the love of his life Mei Ling (Julie Tan)…

Yi Gang helps Mei Ling search for her sister, Mei Qi (Apple Chan) . But when they found Mei Qi, they found her to be incorrigible. To help turn Mei Qi around, Yi Gang decides to risk his life and tell one final lie. Will Mei Qi turn for the better? Or will he pay for this lie with his life?   

Cast: Equus Ma, Julie Tan, Apple Chan, Ian Fang, Goh Wee-Ann, Wallace Ang, Gina Tan, Jalyn Han

Episode: 12 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019