One Year In The Gardens

Episodic Information


Filmed over the course of a year, this series opens your eyes to the rich and diverse world of astounding wildlife in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Look a little closer, as we capture the often unseen drama of the living wild. A spoiled juvenile monkey learns how to survive the environment, as well as family politics. A red-legged crake raises her chick in secret. The tiniest residents, the stingless bees, face off against an equally tiny but mighty adversary.

The trials of love and survival are captured through a vulnerable native frog finding a mate and a white-breasted waterhen shot by cupid’s bow. But elsewhere, a sinister cuckoo chick has conned its way into another’s nest.

From fearsome predators to the most elusive of tiniest creatures, witness their lives unfolding in this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Awards and Accolades: 

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2023 -

Nature & Wildlife (Finalist)

World Media Festivals Television & Corporate Media Awards 2023 -

Documentaries: Docudrama (Gold)

Documentaries: Ecology and Environment - Wild Water Paradise (Gold)

Narrator: Glenn Boychuk

Episodes: 2 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2022