Wild City: River World

Episodic Information


Meet the first ever brood of otter pups to be born and raised in UNESCO World Heritage site the Singapore Botanic Gardens. And six of the most precious and endangered Lesser Whistling Ducklings.

Shot over seven months using state-of-the-art natural history techniques and equipment, this latest instalment of the award-winning Wild City series takes you on a journey down the rivers and lakes of Singapore through the eyes of the young in the wild.

With exclusive access to the otter family, we follow many firsts for the pups – from swimming lesson to hunting their catch. We also capture the ultimate display of a mother’s love in the duck family as they faced down the fury of Mother Nature. Will these younglings be able to make it to adulthood?

Joining the cast of water babies are huge river monsters battling for dominance; strange night-time creatures birthing hundreds of eggs at a time; and the most evolved of tiny creatures that can walk on water.


Awards and Accolades : 

World Media Festival 2021 -

Documentaries: Nature & Wildlife

New York Festivals TV and Films 2021 -

Nature & Wildlife (Finalist)

Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners 2021 -

Best Cinematography: Claire Clements

Asian Academy Creative Awards Grand Finals Winners 2021 -

Best Editing 

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2022 - 

Documentary – Environment & Ecology: Bronze

Documentary – Nature & Wildlife: Finalist


Narrator: Patrick Aryee

Episode: 1 X 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2020