Wild City: Secret World

Episodic Information

Almost 30,000 species of animals make their home in Singapore, but many of them remain largely invisible to us. From banded bullfrogs that do battle in rain-sodden drains, to predatory mantises that hunt in suburban gardens, unseen drama unfold all around the city on a daily basis.

Alongside Singapore’s busy commuters and residents, countless insects labour to thrive and propagate. Dwarf honey bees collect nectar and pollen to feed their hive, while caterpillars undergo incredible transformations into beautiful plain tiger butterflies. Meanwhile, in Singapore’s forest reserves, joggers and cyclists are largely oblivious to the work going on under their feet: termites constructing elaborate tunnels and recycling precious nutrients through the forest’s ecosystem, and rare snails and gigantic forest ants foraging in the canopy and undergrowth.

Voiced by naturalist Nick Baker, this is another exhilarating documentation of Singapore’s surprising wildlife.


Awards and Accolades : 

World Media Festival - Television & Corporate Media Awards 2020 - 

Docu - Nature and Wildlife (Silver)


Narrator: Nick Baker

Episode: 1 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2019