2589 Days Apart 2589 的距离

Wu Wei Wei (Felicia Chin) is a school counsellor who is full of enthusiasm. She encounters problem student Zheng De Lu (Timothee Yap) who is punish by the school for assault. Wei Wei refuses to give up on him and relentlessly encourages him to do well. Inspired by Wei Wei’s kindness, the rebellious De Lu finally softens his stance and works hard to prove himself. He eventually falls for Wei Wei and professes his love for her! Initially reluctant, Wei Wei finally agrees to meet him at the school field after 2589 days. The day finally come, De Lu shows up with a bouquet, but much to his disappointment, Wei Wei did not show up. Just as he left, Wei Wei appears after attending to her mother’s wake. Another 2859 days have passed, Wei Wei is jaded by her mother’s death and her boyfriend’s betrayal. After seeing how successful De Lu has become, Wei Wei decides that she is not worthy of him. Just when she is about to commit suicide in despair, she sees De Lu’s television interview and learns that she has once inspired him. With her new found strength, Wei Wei finally picks herself up and accepts De Lu’s unconditional love. Will the lover with age gap of 2589 days apart finally be together? 

Cast: Felicia Chin, Timothee Yap

Episodes: 5 x 15 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016