Big Papaya and Little Papaya idolize Chen Jin Lang, the King of Hokkien Getai, and dream of becoming Getai singers themselves. After overcoming many challenges and hurdles, through their perseverance, hard work, and fabulous costumes, The Papayas become the most famous sister act in town. Unknown to them, the rival group Durian sisters has become intensely jealous of The Papayas' success and is determined to sabotage them by messing up their schedule. At a confrontation, The Durians challenge The Papayas to a showdown which they accepted. The Papayas started preparing for the big day with new costumes, songs, and dance; however, Little Papaya eventually collapses from the strain and dies. What will happen to Big Papaya after her partner Little Papaya is gone? This musical movie is a colourful display of the Getai culture which is unique to Singapore, where the characters are just as flamboyant as the costumes they don for their often over the top and opulent performances.

Cast: Qi Yuwu, Yeo Yann Yann, Mindee Ong, Liu Lingling

Director: Royston Tan

Duration: 105 mins

Languages: Chinese