A Mobile Love Story 爱情占线

Lu Yun Fei (Huo Jianhua) runs an ad agency with his buddy. Life changed when his fiancée, Su Fei (Yvonne Lim), took off at their wedding. In his wallowing state, an sms that he sent connected him with Mu Bei Bei (Han Xue). Bei Bei, a gregarious tour guide, met Lin Li Zhong (Christopher Lee) on the job but did not fancy him. However, an undeterred Li Zhong decides to return to Shanghai to pursue her. Bei Bei and Yun Fei became fond of each other. You Li (Luo Shanshan), Su Fei’s sister, resented them and blamed Yun Fei for her sister’s mental state. Hence, You Li joined Yun Fei’s agency with an ulterior motive. What spiteful measures will You Li take to destroy Yun Fei? What will become of the relationships between Yun Fei, Bei Bei and Li Zhong? Will Yun Fei learn the truth about Su Fei?

Cast: Huo Jianhua, Christopher Lee, Han Xue, Luo Shanshan, Yvonne Lim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2008