Absolutely Charming 糊里糊涂爱上它

The once sensual and charming Fox Spirit undergoes the test of love to attain immortality. Banished to the mortal world and stripped of her beauty, she’s now the ugly Hu Li Qin (Cherry Hsia). Fallen from grace, what desperate and cunning measures will Li Qin take to find a man willing to sacrifice his life for her? Soon enough, Li Qin gets caught up in a complicated love triangle with Hao Min (Elvin Ng) and En Ling (Zhou Ying), a disabled natural beauty. Revenge and rivalry brew when En Ling finds out that Hao Min is the culprit responsible for her handicap. Can there be true love hidden within En Ling’s hatred and anger? What will Li Qin do when forced to choose between acting out of true love and returning to the Celestial Court to attain immortality? 


Cast: Cherry Hsia, Elvin Ng, Zhou Ying, Zhang Zhen Huan, Rebecca Lim

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012