Against The Tide 逆潮

The overarching theme of life mimicking art underlies this crime drama series, as a slew of murders are carried out in the similar fashion that novelist Di Shen (Christopher Lee) has planned out his fictional crime plots. Investigating officer Zhou Jianfeng (Desmond Tan) and psychologist Qiu Xueqing (Rui En) become deeply involved in the case, and eventually enlist Di Shen’s help to track down the killer. Things take a twist when the purported murderer points out a mysterious vigilante who seems to be meting out sentences and punishing these criminals for their crimes. Love blossoms between Xuejing and Di Shen but it becomes quickly overshadowed by implications from the case at hand. As the plot progresses, the three characters are forced to retreat into their past in search of answers. Altogether a story of love, violent crime and introspection, this drama series is an examination into the human psyche, and is founded on the belief that everyone has hidden skeletons in their closets.


Cast: Christopher Lee, Rui En, Desmond Tan, Carrie Wong, Zhang Zhen Huan, Paige Chua

Episode: 23 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014