All Is Well 你那边怎样?我这边OK

Episodic Information

The media in Taiwan is gripped by a recent incident where an ATM machine mysteriously dispensed a large amount of cash. With no suspects in sight, the police is stumped while the public is intrigued. Meanwhile, a luxury car stopped in front of a small pottery shop, the owner of the shop Guo Hao Sen (Blue Lan) reluctantly enters the car…

As a young scion of a commercial bank in Taiwan, Hao Sen is plucked from obscurity and sent to the Singapore office by his power hungry uncle after the death of his elder brother. A power struggle ensues across the border while an insidious plot for revenge begins. As the wheel of revenge starts, a group of seemingly innocent young people, Xiao Ai (Joanne Tseng) , Ting Xuan ( Liu Kuan-ting) , Lu Di (Elvin Ng) and Dong Huang (Romeo Tan) get embroiled in the plot. Who is behind the ATM incident and what links are there with those in Singapore? As their fate intertwines, they soon realize they are closer to each other than they think…    

Singapore Storyline Casts: Blue Lan , Joanne Tseng, Liu Kuan-Ting, Desmond Tan , Sheila Sim , Ian Fang, Chen Hanwei , Zoe Tay, Fann Wong, Rayson Tan, Zhang Yaodong, Jin Yinji, Brandon Wong,  Sun Qing

Taiwan Storyline Casts:  Elvin Ng, Romeo Tan, Pets Tseng, Pauline Lan, Tou Chung-Hua, Andy Wu, Yaoren Zhang, Zhang Ming Jie, Luo Ping

Episode: 40 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019