Babies on Board 新生

Episodic Information

Pang Shi Yun (Jesseca Liu) is a famous gynaecologist who owns a successful practice. Suffering from a condition called Adenomyosis, she is unable to conceive and seeks to rent the womb of Li Xin Yue (Ya Hui), who is in need of money. Shi Yun’s husband Sun Zhi Hui (Tay Ping Hui), was a successful surgeon, until his failed surgery on his best friend’s mother. Unable to take the setback, he gave up his profession to become a chef.

Xin Yue is successfully impregnated and by a stroke of luck, moved in with Shi Yun and Zhi Hui. But Shi Yun soon found out that Xin Yue and Zhi Hui actually knew each other. Not only do they share a secret, but also a very queer and mysterious connection. Xin Yue gradually falls for Zhi Hui, and the three of them soon develop an unusual relationship. Xin Yue suffers complication during childbirth, will Shi Yun save her? What will be their choices?   

Cast: Tay Ping Hui, Jesseca Liu, Ya Hui, Mei Xin, Hong Hui Fang  

Episode: 22 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018