Be Happy 生日快乐

Zhang Wei Jian (Chen Han Wei) lives a nondescript life with his wife Bai Xiu Ming (Paige Chua), a secure job and a stable family life is all that matters to him. His life takes a turn for the worse when he is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and with one year left to live. He ditches his usual thrifty ways and starts to spend all his money. Wei Jian meets the happy-go-lucky Xiao Kai Xin aka Big S (Fann Wong), who is a stage 4 cancer survivor on an altruistic mission to do charity work and help as many people as she can. Dr Cheng Fang (Zhang Yao Dong) is touched by Big S’ kindness but the latter rejects him because she is unsure of her lifespan. At the same time, Wei Jian tries and succeeds in pairing off Xiu Ming with her boss, assured that she will be taken care of when he is gone. A new medical report reveals that all the cancer cells in Wei Jian’s body is gone, but he has given all his money generously away and also his wife, how will he get out of the fix? And will Big S be brave enough to accept Dr Fang’s love despite life’s uncertainty?


Cast: Fann Wong, Chen Han Wei, Zhang Yao Dong, Paige Chua, Guo Liang, Apple Hong, Zen Chong, Vivian Lai, Wayne Chua 

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011