Behind Closed Doors 隐秘

Behind Closed Doors is a docu-drama that will bring forth … SECRETS, LIES, SHAME! These are the main thrust of the stories brought into your living rooms in Behind Closed Doors. The stories are focused on domestic issues that people do not want to discuss openly because they bring with them the element of shame. For the families affected, the feeling is ‘it’s best not to talk about it’ or they retreat into denial ‘no, this isn’t happening in my family’. Host and eloquent presenter Vernetta Lopez will bring across the various topics to viewers in a narrative and conversational manner; through an in-camera chat segment she will entice participants to wash their “dirty linen” freely, share how they dealt with the aftermath following the exposition of their ‘secrets’. To add credibility and weight to the show, experts in the related topics; and a celebrity or two who might have strong views on the subject being discussed would be invited to participate in the in-camera chat.


Host: Vernetta Lopez

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2008