Beyond Maximum Security

Episodic Information


The countdown begins.

In this sequel to Inside Maximum Security, four familiar faces prepare themselves for life outside Changi Prison.

Rigid controls melt away as the prison system inducts them back into society.

Regaining freedom brings Graceson to new emotional highs. Can he stay focused, or will he fall back into old ways?

Boon Keng has lost time with his nearest and dearest, and some wounds might never fully heal. Painful memories surface as new stressors pile on. Can he soldier on even as regret gnaws away at his soul?

It has been difficult for Khai to establish contact with his loved ones. Will they welcome him home with open arms?

Iskandar is making the most of his long incarceration. But a misstep threatens to end his pursuit of a diploma in prison school.

It was easy to stay on track in maximum-security prison. The real test starts now.


Episodes: 3 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2022