Boomtown Asia 亚洲新兴都市

This series seeks to capture the zeitgeist and energy of Asia’s top emerging cities –second tier cities that are poised to become “the next big thing”. Cities in China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam. These are countries that are not ready to play second fiddle to their first tier cousins, where growth potential in almost every product category surpasses their counterparts, where governments and commercial firms are placing their bets on economic facelifts and infrastructural makeovers. Find out the reasons why these rising cities are on the verge of escalating into megacities. Boomtown Asia will feature each chosen city through the eyes and mouth of the locals, new immigrants, businesses, foreign investors, as well as leading officials, urban planners and master strategists, backed with detailed studies and findings to accurately capture its potential to move up the ranks into the territory of the first.


Episodes: 6 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2012