Bountiful Blessings 万福楼

Zhang Dan (Yao Wen Long) ascended to heaven to be the Kitchen God but still worries for his mortal wife. He will descend from heaven to check on her every time she reincarnates. When she reincarnates as Huang Fu Xi (Jessica Hsuan), Zhang Dan meets her and she became pregnant with his child. He stayed behind to start a restaurant, Wan Fu Lou, with her. Business was good until he was captured and returned to heaven.When Zhang Dan is released from his incarceration, he discovers Fu Xi’s life is in disarray as business at Wan Fu Lou fails without him. Seeing the culinary potential in Xie Dong Hai (Tay Ping Hui), Zhang Dan leads him to Wan Fu Lou and business improves.

Fu Xi’s shunned ex-lover Da Feng (Thomas Ong) returns to take revenge, together with Pin Hong (Ann Kok), the reincarnate of the Poinsettia fairy, they scheme to take over Wan Fu Lou. Pin Hong was relegated to a mortal after Zhang Dan reported her wrongdoings to the Jade Emperor. She vows to make his family pay for his mistake. With the imminent danger, will Zhang Dan be able to get Fu Xi out of the dire situation?

Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Tay Ping Hui, Thomas Ong, Jeffrey Xu, Ya Hui, Ann Kok, Zhu Hou Ren, Yao Wen Long, Adam Chen, Hong Hui Fang, Romeo Tan, Liang Tian, Ye Shi Pin, May Phua, Yuan Shuai

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011