Break Free 曙光

Filling the main roles in this deeply moving drama are Tay Ping Hui, Terence Cao, Andie Chen and Zhang Zhen Huan; they convey the intrinsic meaning of friendship of four men who befriend each other while serving their time in prison – Li Tian Ming (Tay Ping Hui), Jin Yong Cheng (Terence Cao), Xu Hao Long (Andie Chen) and Ye Zhi Bin (Zhang Zhen Huan). Each man is embroiled in the problems that fill their respective lives; severe complications that are tagged to life and its components, such as marriage, career and love. Was Li Tian Ming guilty of manslaughter? Did Jin Yong Cheng reconcile with his estranged daughter? How did Ye Zhi Bin subdue his domineering wife? What was the secret that Xu Hao Long has guarded for so long? Expect to be surprised with each unexpected turn, as these four men discover how there is no constant in their tumultuous lives, except for the bond that they share. Watch to see how they manage to overcome each dilemma, each challenge as they find that lives outside of prison are not so different from the ones they have led in jail. But, even as time forces their friendship to face countless obstacles, one thing is for sure: this friendship is made to last.


Cast: Tay Ping Hui, Andie Chen, Terence Cao, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Yvonne Lim 

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2012