Catching a Killer: The Hwaseong Murders


South Korea’s most infamous murder case involving one of the country's first known serial killers. The notorious killer plagued the rural city of Hwaseong with 10 murders in just four years, leading to the largest manhunt the country has ever seen.

Catching A Killer recaps the twists and turns of the police investigation, the vital evidence that was overlooked and the emotional trauma felt in a town where locals were scared to leave their homes.

Part one opens with a string of shocking murders but it’s not until the fifth murder in four months that police finally initiate a broad investigation. Three more women are killed before police finally make an arrest - 22-year-old Sung-yeo Yoon.

Part two sees Yoon give a first-hand account of his arrest and the police torture that led to his confession. A confession that put him in prison for 20 years. But with an anonymous tip-off and the discovery of new forensic evidence in 2019, Yoon’s guilty verdict is put to test.

Episodes: 2 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021