China On Film

Episodic Information

For the first time in history, China On Film will reveal a China never seen before. With footages that are carefully preserved and digitised by the British Film Institute, it will be an epic five-decade journey through the beautiful and tumultuous years that shaped the China we know today. The journey will take us from the final decade of the Qing Dynasty to the years before the Communist victory of 1949.

Traveling through times of war and peace, the lifestyles of the vanished elites will be revealed and the long-gone extraordinary reality of the lives of ordinary people will be exposed. “China On Film”, with Christopher Doyle as a cinematic consultant, will transport the audience through an era at risk of being forgotten and bring the past back to life.

China on Film is part of the trilogy which includes India on Film and Singapore on Film

Narrator: Christopher Doyle 

Episodes: 2 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2018