City Foragers 城市觅食

Episodic Information

Before Singapore became a cosmopolitan city, most of the generations before us lived in kampongs or villages where lush greenery was abound. People back then were familiar with the surrounding flora and could tell the edible ones apart. Foraging for food was a common activity!

 As society urbanised, city dwellers with better income grew comfortable with a consumerism lifestyle that enabled them to purchase food conveniently, even online with a click of a button. Therefore the age-old knowledge of edible wilds were slowly forgotten and faded away.

City Foragers, a 10-part series hosted by Joanna Dong and Pornsak, uncovers a different side of modern Singapore that may have eluded the attention of busy Singaporean urbanites. What are the edible wilds thriving around us?


Host: Joanna Dong, Pornsak

Episode: 10 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018