Code of Honour 正义武馆

Master Yuan Zhen Fei (Zheng Ge Ping) of the Yuan Martial Arts School lost his only son in an accident while his wife slipped into a coma. His eldest disciple, Duan Tian He (Zhang Wen Xiang), covets his title and plots to take over the school. Unknown to Master Yuan, Tian He is a killer on the run and has been hiding in the school. Second disciple Ou Jian Feng (Andie Chen) is selfish and a trouble maker, he is expelled from the school by Master Yuan, and later sends his sister, Ke Lu (Rui En) to infiltrate the school. Ke Lu is lazy by nature and sees through her brother’s wicked ploy, refusing to help him. In the meantime, Master Yuan finds a worker at the fishery, Song Ya Zai (Elvin Ng), bearing a striking resemblance to his dead son. He starts to treat Ya Zai like a son and wants the latter to succeed him. But Ya Zai lacks ambition and prefers a peaceful life. Soon, Ke Lu discovers a terrible secret about Ya Zai that will change everything… 


Cast: Elvin Ng, Rui En, Zheng Ge Ping, Andie Chen, Paige Chua, Tong Bing Yu

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011