Crescendo 起飞

During the late eighties, three good friends, Yi Wei (Brian Ng), Chu Fan (Xu Bin) and Da Wei (Fraser Tiong), formed a band called “Crescendo” out of their passion for music. After graduation, they established “Crescendo” Music Company to realize their dreams. Many years later, “Crescendo” has established itself in the music industry and successfully nurtured many homegrown talents. Chu Fan (Tay Ping Hui), Yi Wei (Christopher Lee) and Da Wei (Darren Lim) have finally realized their dreams. However, the music trend in Singapore has changed in recent years and fewer youths are interested in Xin Yao music. “Crescendo” music school faces operational and financial difficulties. Just then, Chu Fan’s ex-wife, Mei Ling (Jacelyn Tay) returns from overseas. She sees the potential in “Crescendo” and wishes to invest in their business. Da Wei’s crush Xue Li (Ann Kok) returns as well to be a vocal coach at “Crescendo”. Since the return of the two, the three friends find themselves embroiled in complicated love affairs. Chu Fan accuses Mei Ling of wrongdoing because of a misunderstanding. Mei Ling feels indignant and is bent on seeking revenge on Chu Fan for hurting her. She vows to destroy “Crescendo” and tries to sow discord between the three friends. She also tries to break Yi Wei and Ya Fang (Cynthia Koh) up. Yi Wei and Chu Fan find out about Mei Ling’s plot and try to salvage the company. However, they failed and lost their company. Even though “Crescendo” has now become history, but in the process they rekindled their friendship and passion for music that they once had. 

Cast: Tay Ping Hui, Christopher Lee, Darren Lim, Jacelyn Tay, Olivia Ong, Cynthia Koh, Ann Kok, Xu Bin, Bonnie Loo, Jeffrey Xu, Zen Chong, Charles Lee, Erika Tan, Brian Ng, Fraser Tiong

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015