Dare to Strike 扫冰者

Experience a new HIGH sensation with this blockbuster - an engaging story with tons of action, a star-studded cast and location shoots in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand. “Dare To Strike" looks at the increasing drug usage (especially among the young) and the spread of designer drugs in Singapore as well as around the region. It depicts how the anti-narcotics teams from various countries cooperate to bust drug crimes. The story revolves around two anti-narcotics officers (Julian Cheung and Li Nanxing) and their attempt to bust the mastermind behind drug trafficking. See how they struggle to uphold justice and balance work with personal life in this action-packed and emotional drama.

Cast: Julian Cheung, Li Nan Xing, Monica Chan, Ann Kok, Lian Kai, Huang Zhongkun

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2000