Days of Rage 动荡年代

Days of Rage is a new series that examines key events that shaped Singapore. From the riots sparked in 1950 (Maria Hertogh), 1955 (Hock Lee Bus) and 1964 (Racial Riots) to the terror attacks in 1965 (Konfrontasi/MacDonald House) and 1974 (Laju Hijack), this is an epic journey into Singapore’s remarkable past. Days of Rage combines drama reconstruction, interviews with key eyewitnesses, rare archive, declassified documents, computer graphics and filming from locations in five different countries. Across the series, we meet the key people caught up during these turbulent times, and hear their personal accounts of these major events. For many, this is first time they have shared their unique and compelling stories. Days of Rage follows the conflicts, confrontations and challenges that the country faced in the fight for independence, unity, prosperity and peace.


Episodes: 5 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2014