Deluxe-Licious 有何贵食

Episodic Information

Food is a source of joy that transcends boundaries – and it is no longer a luxury to have a delicious meal with quality ingredients – instead, people are opting for extravagance, high price points, and rarity.There are many cuisines and ingredients that are known to everyone by their jaw-dropping price tags, but the chance to taste them are exclusive to the richest among us. Some dishes seem perfectly ordinary, save for the one prized ingredient that elevates the entire course to a whole new level. Just how luxurious exactly are these ingredients for them to warrant such high prices? Are the ingredients worth their price due to rarity, or are they rarely used because they are too unaffordable? Are they difficult to obtain? Do they have unique flavours? Do they require different treatment in the kitchen? Where must you go to sample such cuisines?

Host: Michelle Chia, Danny Yeo, You Yi 

Episodes: 9 x 60 mins 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018