Destiny In Her Hands 断掌的女人

When Luo Jin Yu (Jeanette Aw) was born, a fire broke out and her mother, Xiu Zhi (Jess Teong), was forced to deliver her under a make-shift tent. Xiu Zhi discovers Jin Yu has life line that cut across both her palms, she is convinced it is a sign of bad luck and blames Jin Yu for all the misfortune that befalls the family. Jin Yu and Qi Bing (Huang Qi Ming) grew up together and become lovers, but the mercenary Xiu Zhi marries her off to De Cheng (Steve Yap). Jin Yu hopes for a happy family and works hard for it, but De Cheng proves to be a good-for-nothing and chased her out of the house after snatching their son away. At her wits’ end, Jin Yu attempted suicide but is saved by Li Hua (Feon), a successful newspaper editor. Through Li Hua’s success, Jin Yu realizes that a woman can create her own destiny. A failed marriage has turned her life around, will she finally come out of the shadow of her misfortune and find her second love? 


Cast: Jeanette Aw, Steve Yap, Jess Teong, Ernest, Joey Leong, Wu Wei Bin, Jiang Wei Han, Tedd, Moo Yan Yee, Brenda, Huang Qi Ming

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011