Devotion 阿娣

Liu Zhao Di (Zoe Tay) was given away to an uncle after the birth of her brother. Living under her uncle’s house, she was treated like a maid rather than a daughter, but fortunately she finds solace in quarry worker Huang Da Ke (Chen Han Wei). Zhao Di’s father eventually married her to a garment factory owner Zhong Zheng (Huang Wen Yong), thus breaking up the couple. Zhong Zheng is murdered by two workers, Zhao Di has no choice but to work in a soy sauce factory to support her five adopted children, Shuang Jie (Zhang Zhen Huan), Si Wen (Kate Pang), Wu Feng (Adeline Lim), Yuan Fang (Kola Zhou) and Shan Shan (Wang Xin Ru). Yuan Fang and Shan Shan are children of Zhong Zheng’s murderers. Hong Ke Qin (Yao Wen Long) bequeathed the soy sauce factory to Zhao Di after he died and Zhao Di starts her life as a career woman. Yuan Fang is brainwashed by her father that Zhao Di causes him to be thrown in jail, she starts to plot her revenge. She succeeded when she framed Zhao Di and Shuang Jie for murder. Zhao Di takes the rap so that Shuang Jie will not be implicated. The elated Yuan Fang plots to take over the soy sauce factory…will her evil schemes be exposed and will Zhao Di be saved?


Cast: Zoe Tay, Chen Han Wei, Terence Cao, Yao Wen Long, Zhang Zhen Huan, Zhou Ying, Kate Pang, Chloe Wang

Episodes: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011