Di Luar Garisan

Time has been peaceful for Roslan and the CID team since the crackdown of the cybersex predator case. Life is also looking up for Adil since the perpetuator behind his sister’s sexual assault is finally brought to justice. His sister, Salina makes positive progress in her mental condition. Adil and Julia are now in a relationship. Adil continues to be the modern day vigilante from within boundaries of the law. He rejects Roslan’s offer to join the force but can’t help but get involved within a series of crime investigations when his victims of crime seeks help from him through OUT OF LINE. The two men continue to be each other’s confidantes in their personal lives; bonds built and strengthened due to their unwavering passion towards combatting crimes.However, Adil often puts Roslan on a spot, by skirting dangerously along the boundaries of the law in his investigations against Roslan’s multiple warnings. The friendship was eventually put to test once again, when Adil finally crosses the line and Roslan has to put him behind bars. This season, we will follow Adil and Roslan as they are challenged with the ever-growing web of crime and murders around them.

Cast: Hisyam Hamid, Sani Hussin, Ariati Tyeb Papar, Erwin Dawson, Adlina Adlin

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Malay

Production year: 2014