Die Die Also Must Serve 战备好兄弟

Zhong Wei Yu (Hazelle Teo) , nicknamed Toro ‘Wei Yu’, is a rookie DJ who is often bullied. Once, she is tasked to host a midnight supernatural show that discusses ghost stories of the army camps. Thankfully, Wu Zhi Xing (Shane Pow), a listener, calls in and enthusiastically shares about his experience. Unexpectedly, supernatural happenings start to happen one after another, and the events get increasingly spookier. Eventually, Wei Yu even realizes an untold yet alarming secret of Wu Zhi Xing...

Cast: Nick Teo, Shane Pow, Yahui, Ben Yeo, Hazelle Teo, Rao Zi Jie, Hao Hao, Ryan Lian, Zhong Kun Hua

Episode: 14 x 15 mins