Divided 分裂

One night, university student Li Renyi (Richie Koh ) is discovered dead in his dorm room, bleeding from a gaping wound in his stomach. Who killed him, and why? The chain of events leading up to this horrific climax is retold from four different perspectives in a one-of-a-kind drama series that asks: whose story do you believe?Is it Renyi, who is caught between Lydia (Jasmine Sim) and his violently jealous best friend Ah Wei? Or is it Lydia, who sees Renyi as a boyfriend struggling with the stigma of a mental condition? Or Renyi’s Mother, Mrs Li ( Xiang Yun) , who harbors a tragic secret that might be the key to her son’s condition? Or Insp Wu ( Allan Wu) , the investigating officer in Renyi’s death, who must reconcile the facts of the case with his own beliefs?

Viewers can watch the episodes in any order they choose, and piece the puzzle together to form their own conclusions.

Cast: Richie Koh, Jasmine Sim, Xiang Yun, Allan Wu, Nick Teo

Episode: 4 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2018